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Introducing our law firm

Richardson Accounting and Tax

Introducing Our

We handle a wide range of IRS and state tax controversies. This consists of tax collection matters including back taxes, penalty abatement, claim for refund, wage garnishments, bank levies, tax levies, tax liens, currently not collectible, installment agreements and offer In compromise.

If you received a notice about a tax audit/examination you do not have to handle it alone. A tax professional can represent you before a taxing authority. 

Innocent spouse relief and injured spouse relief are available for married, separated, widowed and divorced taxpayers impacted by marital tax issues.

Our services include tax appeals representation. Taxpayers have the right to an administrative appeal when they disagree with a decision by a taxing authority regarding tax collections and tax audits/examinations.  

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 4: The Right to Challenge the IRS’ Position and Be Heard

Taxpayers have the right to raise objections and provide additional documentation in response to formal IRS actions or proposed actions, to expect that the IRS will consider their timely objections and documentation promptly and fairly, and to receive a response if the IRS does not agree with their position.  -Internal Revenue Service

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