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Delinquent Employment Taxes

Delinquent Employment Taxes

Employers are responsible for payroll taxes, also known as employment taxes. This includes the trust funds employers are supposed to deposit with the IRS that employers withhold from employee paychecks: income tax, social security tax and medicare tax. The employer has to match payment of social security and medicare taxes. In addition, employers have to pay Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). 


Employers are not only responsible for making regular payroll tax deposits, but also filing payroll tax returns on time. Unfiled payroll tax returns need to be addressed quickly to maintain tax compliance and avoid tax problems with the taxing authorities.

Different types of payroll taxes are also required to be deposited with State tax authorities such as California's Employment Development Department (EDD). Unpaid payroll taxes have become a priority with the US Department of Justice, IRS and State taxing authorities that can lead to criminal investigations in the more serious cases.

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